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Cage farming is a nightmare that we can end.

Caged farming is cruel, unnecessary and has no place in Europe. Join the movement to ban cages today.

What are we doing to farm animals?

Caging animals is cruel: animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling pain and joy. Caged animals endure immense suffering because they have no control over their lives, experience extreme frustration, are severely restricted in their movement, and are prevented from performing almost all natural behaviours.

Hundreds of millions of farm animals across the EU are forced to live their entire lives imprisoned in tiny, barren cages. This extreme confinement is routinely inflicted on many different species. Sows are forced to nurse their piglets in crates, rabbits and quail endure their whole lives in barren cages, and ducks and geese are caged for force feeding to produce foie gras.

Together, united, we have the opportunity to rid Europe of these cages. Start today – join up and sign our ECI (European Citizens’ Initiative) demanding that the European Commission bans the use of cages in animal farming. If one million of us raise our voices together, we have the opportunity to finally End the Cage Age.

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The End the Cage Age European Citizens’ Initiative network

The network for the End the Cage Age European Citizens’ Initiative unites animal protection, farming, political and environmental organisations under a common banner—to improve farming across the continent by eliminating the use of cages. We are working jointly, and individually, to secure over 1 million signatures for the European Citizens’ Initiative against cages.

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94% of people in Europe believe protecting the welfare of farm animals is important, and 82% believe farm animals should be better protected. Cages are a desolate reflection on our society. Together we will End the Cage Age.

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