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    per month could help our expert team challenge the food industry - and get caged produce off supermarket shelves!

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Stop Caged Farming

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Over 300 million farmed animals suffer in cages across Europe.

Together, we have the opportunity to end their suffering with the End the Cage Age European Citizens’ Initiative.

We need 1 million signatures to call on the European Commission to end this inhumane treatment of farm animals.

SIGN NOW to free farm animals by banning cages across Europe!


Please read before signing:

A European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is a powerful petition to influence law makers in Europe – a unique tool for change. Each EU member state has set its own rules for collecting signatures: some require details such as a passport or ID number. This website has been certified according to EU regulations to ensure that your personal data will be stored securely, and will only be used for validating your ECI signature, and will be deleted after your signature has been counted.

Thank you for your time, farmed animals need you!

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Online petitions not your thing? Download and print paper petitions in your own language. Collect signatures, and send the forms back to us to be counted.

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